CVCA Announces 2018 Ted Anderson Community Leadership Award


Jun 2018

The CVCA is proud to announce Rob Antoniades, Chair and Co-Founder, The Upside Foundation of Canada, as the recipient of the 2018 Ted Anderson Community Leadership Award for his leadership in the creation of the foundation. The Upside Foundation of Canada a charity, that enables early-stage, high-growth companies to support their community by donating stock options or warrants for the charity of their choice.

Under Rob Antoniades’ stewardship over six years the Upside Foundation has grown to over 200 companies who have pledged to give back through the platform. The Upside Foundation is recognized by venture capitalists and CEOs across the tech industry as an impactful way for startups to give back.

Three Upside Foundation member companies have had exits to-date, resulting in donations to charities in their communities. With many more donations to come, the Upside Foundation is driving a conversation about social responsibility in tech and making it easy for our community to share its wealth with Canadians in need. Ultimately, when a single company wins, the entire country wins alongside them.

Any venture capitalists or startups looking to get involved can email to learn about how they can join the movement.

“I am thrilled and gratified to receive this award on behalf of the Upside Foundation,” said Rob Antoniades. “Upside is the only charity founded by VCs to serve the needs of our community by introducing the concept of CSR to our startups, entrepreneurs and portfolio companies. The support of the VC and PE community is appreciated and foundational for Upside’s success and spread of this new best practice for entrepreneurs. We look forward to working with VCs and PEs across the country to enable the community to make a great impact for Canada.”