Information Venture Partners Invests in PostBeyond


Jul 2016

I am very excited to announce our recent Series A investment in PostBeyond. A company making waves by empowering and enabling employees to become powerful social media advocates for the companies they work for.

We first met Ivan and Vitaliy in 2014 as they went through the MaRS Discovery District JOLT Accelerator as part of its fourth cohort. We were immediately struck by their focus and vision. PostBeyond was created to address a growing problem not yet on the radar of most companies. Ivan and Vitaliy realized that as social networks increasingly gain importance as a tool for enhancing communication and collaboration for businesses, there will also be a greater and reciprocal need to empower employees to make use of them, most commonly through sharing, posting and consuming content related to their work. However, while many employees are ready to be engaged online, they are unsure of what content they can share, when they should share it and how. PostBeyond addresses this gap.

PostBeyond is uniquely positioned to address this growing problem to ensure that content shared is not only approved, but is on-message, high impact and crystal clear. This focus will drive maximum benefit from employee social media activity.

The PostBeyond product works by allowing marketers and others inside organizations to create approved content for sharing, which is stored in the company’s PostBeyond platform, and from which it can easily be shared through multiple social media channels. This allows employees to amplify current messaging, show pride in their workplace, celebrate big wins as a company and even generate enthusiasm around activities like cool product releases, sponsorships and community events.

PostBeyond turns employees into evangelists and mobilizes a powerful untapped force for companies.

The employee social advocacy market is a relatively nascent part of the growing $4.77 billion enterprise social software (ESS) market and a segment where strong growth is predicted. We anticipate this growth will be driven by a continuing adoption of employee social advocacy platforms, especially as companies continue to recognize that their most valuable and credible advocates are often their own employees. PostBeyond’s impressive traction to date highlights the degree to which the employee social advocacy message is resonating with major companies, including PostBeyond clients Scotiabank, BMO, Starbucks and the PGA Tour.

We are proud to partner with another set of smart and driven entrepreneurs to build the next global success story from Canada and are extremely excited about walking with PostBeyond every step of the journey ahead.